As of May 1, 2020,  WHIMSY becomes the new title for the weblog. The content remains the same: words and language and other inanities. CwHD began May 1, 2017. Besides thematic essays, the site provides a vehicle for any other words or bits of language that I chose to print. In July, 2019, I opened The Bookstore. This page provides an overview of my published work.

My profile 'portrait' is a line drawing of Han Shan, an 8th century Chinese mystic. I use this drawing rather than my own photograph because self-aggrandizement---blowing one's own horn---goes against my grain. Authors I admire a good deal are, for the most part, both reticent and reclusive. J. D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon come to mind. There is something too crass about a writer whose name eclipses the title on the covers of their books. Besides, there are too many faces everywhere.

The dog featured in the site's logo is Zudnik. He was a wolfdog, a hybrid. His mother was a malamute; his father was a wolf. Few people think breeding wolves and dogs is a good idea. I agree. Zudnik came to me as a gift, and I had no heart for just putting him down. Loving, ferocious, gentle, vicious, he spent ten good years sharing my life. He was a beast, but he was my beast.

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