Sunday, February 28, 2021

hidden behind the leaves


morning chill, veranda glazed with rime, fog swirls through woods, listening, chants softly from the lecture hall, wind hard through the cedars, gusts and sudden cracks, limbs falling, thuds and thumps, widow makers, eyes unfocused, mind empty, focus a misnomer, diffusion more like, spread the mind's eye to emptiness, wind rattling an errant shutter, violence and the distant hum and beauty of husky basso voices, all one

photo by g simoni

Tao Te Ching 28
'When considering any thing, do not lose its opposite. When thinking of the finite, do not forget infinity ...' D Lau

D.C. Lau translation link:

The Tao Te Ching has seen over 250 translations. The above link takes the reader to one of the most highly regarded versions. Included is a fairly comprehensive explanatory introduction.

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