Sunday, December 20, 2020

hidden behind the leaves

Currently my prosepoem hidden behind the leaves is the subject of this weblog. This is the 19th of 81 installments. The first poem was published August 16, 2020 and can be found using the archives.


a mongrel dog --- appropriate, that --- follows along with the wind in my footsteps, with gulls scavenging the sea wrack along a sandy esplanade, shops closed, windows still boarded, debris --- flotsam and jetsam, is it? --- tsunami wreckage as the town's folks go about their business as best they can, gathering cloud threatening snow ... turning to the dog he says, it's a hard life, dog, it's a hard life, lifting his head with one ear pricked the other half lopped, a quick sniff at the mangled carcass of a dead gull, shuffling down hard sand a siren begins to wail

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