Sunday, November 15, 2020

hidden behind the leaves

This is the 14th (of 81) installment of the prosepoem hidden behind the leaves. The first poem was published August 16, 2020. The four part narrative tells the story of Master Ko. 'Autumn' is the first part, and  the seasons will provide a background theme for each subsequent installment.


grey predawn, stillness after night of heavy wind, kestrel winging from here to there, eaves to low limb, perched, how they hover with that keen eye, slightest movement catching, rodent lives in its stillness, dies with its busyness, sitting quietly on my rock, the kestrel alive within its stillness, the eyes alive and seeking, light bright off the yellow beak, blood pulsing, rock heavy and hard beneath me, he lifts with a thrust of talon and gone

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