Sunday, August 23, 2020

hidden behind the leaves

This is the 2nd of 81 installments of the prosepoem Hidden Behind The Leaves. The first poem was published August 16, 2020. The four part narrative tells the story of Master Ko. 'Autumn' is the first part, and the seasons will provide a background theme for each subsequent installment. Earlier posts --- essays, stories, and poems --- can be found in the archives.


benri-ya---you say 'han-dee-mahn'---that's all ... leaning on a wooden handled broom with long reddish bristles, an old man wearing a patched and thread bare saffron robe, ran a knobby knuckled hand over the short gray stubble on his head, looking at mia, sucking his yellowed teeth, 'bout time you come, he had said ... handyman? laughing, handyman ... when dry he swept clean the stone steps up haguro to the shrine; when wet he cleaned the temple, the lodgings, the pagoda, the bell tower or simply sat in his small hut ... how long? how long, he muses, how long ... since before dirt, laughing, bobbing his head ... a few swipes with the wooden handled broom ... came after hiroshima, sucking his teeth, a-bomb ... bad comes from too many heads in soup, laughing, bobbing his head ... live here good place with myself

photograph M Simoni

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